Making bumper stickers is fun (and really easy). I’ll show you how I made my own for the Bumper Sticker assignment!

To do this, I used Pixlr’s Web App.

Tutorial 2.1

Tutorial 2.2

I created a new image with a 1200×600 frame size.

Tutorial 2.3


Put a rectangle that took up the top half of the rectangle and use the “paint can” to color it one color. Do the same steps for the bottom, should you chose to make it a different color.

Tutorial 2.4

Tutorial 2.5

Tutorial 2.6

Then, I added a picture. To do so, go to Layer (on the top), Open Image As New Layer, select an image, and click okay.

Tutorial 2.7

Move the picture to where you want it.

Tutorial 2.8

Now, to wording. Click the Type Tool on the tool bar (the A) and click anywhere on the image to start typing. Pick a type font, adjust the size, and align it how you wish. Do this step over again till you have all the wording you want on your bumper sticker.

Tutorial 2.9

Tutorial 2.10

and tada! It is complete! Click File, Save, hit OKAY, and then pick a place to save the picture. Upload with the tags for your DS106 family to see!

Tutorial 2.11

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