Week 6, a summary;

This week was way harder than I expected. I’m not sure if it is because of my lack of time or that the assignments were more difficult, but I found myself struggling to finish what I needed to get done. That being said, let’s review what I have completed.

First, a reflection on Vignelli’s design ideas. I loved his use of semantics and syntax in respect to design, I thought it creative and insightful. I will be able to use these ideas going forward!

Second, a design blitz. This I struggled most with, just because I had no time this week to really look for advertisements and products. However, I think I did a fair job finding representations of four of the ten themes.

Then, love at first shot. I had fun with this one, partially because it was a visual assignment. It was quick and easy, and I’m really pleased with how it turned out!

Love at first shot



Five design assignments followed.

First, I got to play around with Pixlr and create a typography lyric poster for my favorite song, On The Wing!

Second was a goofy photo of my dog, Cami, made using FotoFlexer

Third, a DS106 wallpaper that’s out of this world!

Fourth, a bumper sticker that Leslie Knope would approve of.

Lastly, a business card for the one and only bow-barista; Me!


And, last of course, my daily creates for this week!


As for our radio show, Ashlyn created a bumper, and I created a logo:


I made this using Photoshop with guidance from my boyfriend, who is a graphic designer. (He cleaned it up from where I started)

As for our group, we’ve taken to GroupMe for communicating. We have decided on a science-y radiolab type broadcast.

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