We’ve Run Out Of Coffee, a sound bite;



3.5 stars


I had a ton of fun with this one, and it was super simple. I did not write a script, I kind of went with what came to my mind. I love coffee more than I can adequately put into words. So of course my emergency would be there is no more coffee! I recorded the sound clip all in one take on my iphone, emailed it to myself, converted it into a .WAV online, and then uploaded it into Audacity. I took the “caller” clips, and dropped the pitch 3 whole steps (I believe). I exported it and uploaded it to soundcloud since I knew there would be no copyright trouble.

One thought on “We’ve Run Out Of Coffee, a sound bite;

  1. I really love how creative this audio bit is. I know how much you love coffee, so it’s super cool to see you incorporate it into your assignments throughout the week. All of your assignment bank assignments this week showed real creativity and I think you did an awesome job!

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