Weeks 11 & 12;

Really thankful we had two weeks for this.


Okay. So, for the required assignment, I did the split-screen singing. I love the song, I love singing, I figured why not go for it. The hardest part was getting the videos together really (see the post for details).

For my weekly assignments, I did the following:

1: Moving Objects (4 Stars)

2: Instant Replay (3.5 Stars)

3: Chipmunk Style (3.5 Stars)

4: Vine It! (3 Stars)

5: Lip-Sync Along (3.5 Stars)



Daily Creates: One, two, three, four, five, six


I had a few problems. One, we were instructed to do mostly video DC’s, but there were only one or two (I think?) so I did the ones I had time for. That brings me to my second problem: time. I am taking 16 credits and working 30+ hours a week. This past week alone (11/8-11/15) I worked 41 hours. The design stuff, the audio, whatever, they’re easy to do in a pinch. It’s harder to find an hour to create a video (or the three it took for the required video assignment). That being said, video is extremely important. We as a society rely heavily on video feed to gather information, or to veg out and de-stress. The implications of this media reach further than we could really talk about, and video is certainly more influential than any other media we have discussed thus far. More people, in this day and age, will sit down to YouTube than they will to read the Washington Post.

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