Reviews on the air;

Review of the Grumpy Desperado’s:

Intro: I loved the background music! it could be a little softer though, it got hard to hear the spoken word when the sung words came in.

First story: Again, the music could be softer. But fitting for the story! I loved the background of Halloween, not a lot of people know the entire history of the holiday. There could’ve been more inflection in their voice, but overall it was good!

First commercial: spooky! loved it!

Second story: too many noises in the background in the beginning, but it was better towards the end of the introduction. The sound effects are spot on, as are the clips of music throughout! The audio is good, it sounds like you guys were in the same studio so good job! Loved the idea on a story of spooky happenings in FBXG!

Second commercial: very upbeat, I liked it!

Second Bumper: a good update to what’s to come and a good review of what had happened! also very spooky!

Third story: spooky scary skeletons! yes! I think they were going for a scary voice, but it ended up being really hard to hear unfortunately. If they had talked a little louder, it would be much better!

Fourth story: good inflection in their voice. The volume of the music could be softer; it was really hard to hear when the sung words of the chorus came in. A good story though, I may actually go to some of those events!

Ending was very abrupt..? Overall it flowed well though. I would give this show a 3.5. It lost points because of the volume of the music; at points it was distracting and hard to hear the stories.



Review of The Verge (my project)

The sound got a little funky when I compressed the file.

First Bumper: I love Bill Nye so I appreciated the music. The quality could be better, but I liked it!

Intro: Super creative! could’ve used some music, but it was a good intro to set up the show.

First Story: The spoken word over the music was a good ratio. Music choice was good and fitting for the topic throughout the story. Very informative!

First commercial: Flows well from the first story and has a good music-to-spoken-word ratio

Second story: My voice was really muted for some reason, I’m not completely sure why. I think I did well with the music-to-word-ratio, though my whole story could’ve been louder.

Second bumper: I liked the futuristic theme (though there was some background noise)

Third story: Lots of stuttering and background noises. I would have re-recorded the audio. Also, I would have actually put the audio into the file instead of playing through my computers speakers.

Second commercial: Loved the spooky music that inspires curiosity! the volume was good and the music-to-spoken-word ratio was good.

Fourth story: yes, chocolate. Praise. I loved this story. The voice inflection was good and the sound effects were good, though there could’ve been more (either music or effects)

Outro: Gave a good overview of the stories in the show. Again, could’ve been louder, but the music-to-spoken-word ratio was good.

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