Reading movies:

I watched One Point Perspective and Camera Angles and Techniques.


From the first, I learned how a single perspective can influence the feelings the audience feels. A symmetrical scene can cause feelings of uneasiness and anxiousness. (The Shining, anyone?) Of course, this may not always work. If all scenes are symmetrical, the audience will leave out the background when they view it (and they may miss important aspects of the scene that come from the background!)


In the second, I learned how camera angles can give different illusions for the audience. The Zolly (one I have actually seen a few times) gives a perspective shift that can be disorienting and can give the illusion the object is moving closer, when in actuality it is not. Camera angles can give the illusion of different planes of motion. For example, a camera pointed downward while someone pretends to climb along rocks can look like they are actually climbing up a cliff! It takes skill to do that though, the clip with the girl “climbing” up the bricks was not believable.

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  1. I also viewed One-Point Perspective. I didn’t think about the fact that by making a scene symmetrical, the audience may overlook the details. Thanks for pointing that out! Clearly I missed that detail :)

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