Hello Designer Fireflies;

I love Owl City. (I actually met Adam Young earlier this month and I cried) So, naturally, I picked a few Owl City songs for my Greatest Hit’s assignment (3 Stars).

It starts with Designer Skyline from the album Of June. Then, On The Wing (2008 Version) from Maybe I’m Dreaming (my favorite song, though the version on Ocean Eyes is better). Following is a song from Adam’s side project, Sky Sailing, called Captains of the Sky from the album An Airplane Carried Me To Bed. Fourth is Hello Seattle from the album Ocean Eyes. Fifth, Real World from the album All Things Bright and Beautiful (my personal favorite album). A newer song is sixth called Thunderstruck from the album Mobile Orchestra. I threw a track Adam put on his soundcloud called Halcyon in because it’s fun and upbeat, and gives the song about a minute of time. Of course, what would an Owl City mashup be without Fireflies, which finishes out the mashup, though this version is Adam’s remix.


These are not his “most popular,” aside from Fireflies, but these are some of my favorites that go together.


To create this, I had to pick which songs I wanted first. I decided I wanted one from each album, then I picked from there. I sent the files through an online converter, then opened them in Audacity. I grabbed sections I thought would transition well, copy/pasted them into one track line, and then added fade in/out to help the tracks transition easier.

Copyright: All music belong to Adam Young/Owl City.


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