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This is the reflection for the commercial, the show clip, and  the bumper I made.


This was harder than I thought, not because of the difficulty of piecing sounds together, but thinking of what sounds to use! After consulting with Ashlyn, I found myself on freesound.org. I did a variety of searches, but I finally found my clips from “record,” “record scratch,” and “drum beat.” To make it, I put the “record” sound after the “drum beat,” put the “record scratch” after the “drum beat,” and recorded my voice, and then faded the clips so they flowed together.



Getting to six minutes was a struggle, but I found some great sound bytes. First, a clip of some guys throwing a football around. I found another clip of a high-school football practice. For my music, I downloaded music off of Adam Young’s other Soundcloud. (His official soundcloud is mostly tracks off his albums. All music rights go to Adam Young/Owl City.) I used clips from Panoramic, Slow Boat to China, and Halcyon.

For the story, I used these sources: one, two, three, four

To make my show clip, I first drafted a script. I added and changed things as I recorded. I opened up Audacity, hit the record button, and started talking. After my first recording, I re-did some parts and cut out white noise. To re-do bits, I simply hit the record button, said what I needed to, copied the audio section, and pasted it over the old section.

Here is my clip. It will be added into the full radio show. Check it out on The Verge, on DS 106 Radio!




I ran out of time and did not get to do a commercial.

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