More Blitzing;

This time, it’s a design blitz! Considering all I have done this week is school and work, I found this actually challenging. Waiting till today made it somewhat easier, since I am away from FXBG and able to actually look for things. However, I am at Shenandoah University for my little brother’s Family Weekend, so it’s not really like I am in a place where there is an abundance of design elements.

I persevered though. I found four elements.

The first: Rhythm. This is a poster at the SU bookstore. The lines, made to look like a sunburst, actually direct the attention to the middle where all the information is. If you look, the lines are heading towards the title in the center where the important “attention grabbing” information is. It’s pulling attention in and creating a sense of motion.

Rhythm. #designblitz


Next, we have a bad example of proportion. This is up in my brothers res hall. While the message is good, the artwork leaves a lot to be desired. To start, I’m fairly certain someone took a screenshot of their iPhone and blew up the FaceTime button. It’s fuzzy and pixel-y.  Then, proportion. The text is weirdly spaced in all three spaces it appears in. It’s not centered on the photo, especially the top section where it is trying to be center but is definitely flush left. Differing proportions is good, but it has to look intentional. This does not look professional.

Proportion. (Bad example) #designblitz


Third, a cheesy quote that is also on the wall in my brother’s res hall. But, the typography on it is brilliant. “Life” is big, to let the person know that it is the key focus of the quote. “Dance In The Rain” is in a different font to give an almost whimsical change, signifying the meaning in the quote. It’s certainly not Comic Sans, that’s always good. It looks well spaced and it looks like the designer took time and thought to make it.

Typography. #designblitz


Finally, minimalism. Sugar Shack is the best (and if you don’t think so then we may need to talk). Their building on William St is a prime example of minimalism, especially this logo. Orange on grey; the logo POPS in comparison to the background. It’s only the company name, and a doughnut. What does it say? It says that it is a doughnut shop, probably looks like a dive on the inside, and that they have more important things to do than create an elaborate logo. It also says that word-of-mouth is more important than a fancy elaborate logo; if you have heard of them you don’t need to know what their logo is. It can’t get much more minimalist than this!

Minimalism. #designblitz

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