I Think Dreamy Things as I’m Waving Goodbye;

I would love a vacation. Consequently, I’ve planned a life time of vacations on pinterest. This made this assignment quite easy.


So, my wanderlust board. I’ve been adding to this board for years. I would love to travel some day and explore the “hidden coves” of the world. So, naturally I planned it all out so I can dream and wish.


My board has 50 pins (and 80 followers!!!) of various beautiful locations around the world. A lot of the locations are in Europe/Asia. I already have a passport that’s valid, so I could just go, but I would need money to get there. I could backpack across Europe, then hop on a train to Asia I’m sure. I would need a translator for some countries (I speak German so I think I’d get by in Germany). Knowing me, maps would be needed prior to leaving the country; I would need to plan exactly where I was going and how to get there. Hotel’s would need to be booked, money would need to be exchanged, and I would definitely need to know the power outlet situation. But, I think it would be totally do-able. It would probably take a year or so to complete the entire trip, but it’s something to dream for!

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