Hi, I’m Leslie Knope.

(This is a web assignment for a Character Resume worth 3 stars)


Of course my fake resume profile would be Leslie Knope. No Brainer.


To do this, I had to first log out of my own Linkedin because that would’ve been majorly weird. I signed up using another email address I have as Leslie Knope, filled out all of the basics to get my profile up and running, and added a picture. I did a quick google search to find her history and added as much as I could to my profile. I couldn’t get the area to change from Stafford to Indiana (plus, Pawnee does not really have a zip code since it’s not real) but other than that, it should be accurate.


Here it is! Leslie Barbra Knope’s linkedin. (she’ll be the first female president one day so make sure you’re ready)

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