Clouds in my coffee;

Find something in your house. Take a picture. Let your imagination churn. Make as many different augmented versions as you can think of. Help others see what’s in your head.

Coffee. Coffee is always in my house.



I have a touch-screen Dell, so I was able to just draw right on the picture.

First is a cute little smiley. The white foam kind of looked like a beard, so I made a smiley on top!


Second, the color and bubbles made me think about the moon (don’t ask why, I have no idea). So, what if the moon was a coffee cup? I couldn’t find a transparent globe clipart, so I made a makeshift one instead.


Finally, the swirl in the foam made me think of a snail shell. Isn’t he cute? He was probably the easiest to make, I just followed the swirl pattern!


2 thoughts on “Clouds in my coffee;

  1. My favorite of the picture was the snail one. I hope though the only snail ever in your coffee is a cream art one and not a real one, that wouldn’t be fun :/. Good work on this assignment, I can tell you really thought on what to put on your coffee picture. #talkingpolack106

  2. Great job with this assignment! I completed this one as well with a candle, and I really enjoyed it. My favorite picture is of the earth, thinking of the moon as the coffee cup. I thought that was super creative and imaginative! #talkingpolack106

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