Bow Barista;

I am the bow barista; I wear hairbows to work! It’s my hashtag on instagram. Why not make a business card (2 Stars) for myself?

To start, I opened CS2 and played with ratios till I got one that looked like a business card. I typed my name in the text box, found some nice font, picked a lovely blue, and centered it. I then typed “Bow Barista” into another text box, found a funky font, decided on a hue and then placed it below my name. I saved it and then opened it in Pixlr to add a “splatter” effect, to look like I spilled coffee. I saved that, then reopened it in CS2 to add a little clip art of a coffee cup.


And, violà! I have a business card.

Stephanie King Bow Barista final

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