Analyze movies, you will;

Of course I chose the scene from Star Wars.

1: Camera Work.

  • interesting angle to start with, with the trees and swamp around
  • cuts back and forth at the appropriate times (there are people talking to each other, need to get facial expressions to different things happening, etc.)
  • shows enough background to set the scene
  • dark lighting, probably because of the nature of the scene

2: Audio.

  • Quiet in the beginning while Luke is trying to use the force
  • volume increases as he looses it
  • pace of speaking makes me thing of frustration
  • Yoda is being encouraging with his pace and inflection
  • The music in the background is hopeful
  • R2D2 obviously is brilliantly timed
  • music swelled as the scene went on (more hopeful)

3: Both.

  • The camera cuts back and forth while people are talking (or R2 is beeping)
  • The music swells as the scene goes on because, even though Luke is troubled, Yoda proves he can raise the ship.
  • The dark lighting goes with the feelings of hopelessness Luke has


I definitely missed the music while watching without the audio. It seemed boring. The camera, the way it was not symmetrical, helped suggest that the background (where they were) was just as important as who they were and what they were doing.


One thought on “Analyze movies, you will;

  1. You kept your findings straightforward throughout, and showed me what to look for should I end up watching “The Empire Strikes Back.” This is one of the more honest “checklist” reviews I’ve seen so far. #talkingpolack106

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