Week 9, a review;

Not having my assignments till Tuesday made it difficult to get all my work done, as I do most of the work either Sunday or Monday (or at least start it then).

Nevertheless, I got it all done.

First, my Daily Creates, with a story that pieces them all together.

Next, a review of the Grumpy Desperado’s show, as well as my own project The Verge.

Third, my re-imagined iPhone 6s page! I had fun with this, once I got the plug-in to work properly.

My web assignments were a ton of fun and super easy. I made a Linkdin for Leslie Knope (3 stars) and did a pinterest board for my dream vacation (3 stars).

Overall I think I did pretty well on this weeks assignments. They were relatively easy (aside from the Firefox plug-in crashing a bunch) and I had fun doing them. I’ve learned how truly in-depth CSS is; I had no idea! I also learned it’s a ton of fun messing with web pages. (I didn’t learn much from the web assignments as I personally already have a Linkdin and Pinterest)

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