Week 7 and 8, a review;

Thank God for Fall Break.

And thank God for an easy week…ish.

First, my daily creates.

Then, the audio assignments. I actually had fun with these!

First I did a joke in German. I took German as my foreign language and I loved it! Though it’s been a year, I think I fared pretty well. Lesson learned, don’t complain about your coffee!

For the second, I mashed up some of my favorite Owl City songs to create Hello Designer Fireflies! I had tons of fun with this, since I’ve learned how to use Audacity better.

As for the radio show bits, both my bumper and my show clips are linked here. (I did not do a commercial, I ran out of time)


Now, The Verge.


My group was fantastic. I came up with the name (truth be told, it’s based on Owl City’s song The Verge but it works since Mary Wash has a building called the ConVERGEnce Center). We all communicated through GroupMe, and were quick to respond. Either Ashlyn or myself, I can’t remember who, suggested a science based show. The other members agreed. We divvied up the work after we agreed on a topic. I created a logo and, thankfully, the rest of the group loved it! The group members sent their clips in when asked and left me plenty of time to edit it.

The hardest part of working with a group was giving up control. I like to do everything myself, and having to rely on others is hard for me. But, in the end, my group pulled it off to make a great show!

To pick my show topic, I chose something I know about in some aspects, but not a lot in others. I know a lot about brain injury, but not the NFL. A study was brought up in my Biopsych class a week or two ago, and I thought it would be interesting to talk about and applicable since it is football season.

As for the show as a whole, I think it flows well! Amanda set us up wonderfully with her intro, Ashlyn started us at the head, I continued with the brain, Emma talked about the heart, and Miranda finished with a whole-body story on cocoa (because it helps everything). Our commercials and bumpers fit well with the show’s theme, giving it a RadioLab-like feel. I think people will find it interesting and informative, but hopefully they will also find it fun!

Overall, my group members saw the idea and ran with it: a radiolab-like show. I personally think we did great for only being college kids with laptops.


Lastly, Audio.

I dreaded this honestly. I hate my voice, and I hate trying to mix audio clips. I’ve tried it before, for fun, and always have been too frustrated to finish. But, since I was forced to, I have learned a lot about it. I think I have a better handle on how Audacity works, and I feel more confident recording my voice for the world to hear. I think my assignments could be better, but as with any work it is never truly finished.

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  1. First of all I’m going to say I’m super jealous you’re on fall break, because my school does not have a fall break. Also i really was intrigued on how you linked your words to your other blog posts. I have absolutely no idea who you did that, and i wish i was better with the whole blog technology aspect.

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