Week 5, a Summary;

Visual week. So far my favorite! As I’ve said before, and as it says in my About Me, I love pictures. Instagram is my hobby. No shame, I bought the newest iPhone because of the camera on it. This week and this week’s assignments are definitely my forte! So let’s review, shall we?

How To Be A Better Photographer;

I have actually heard of a bunch of these. My senior photographer from 2011, Wen Mcnally, did an online course specifically for iPhone users. A lot of these tips listed here, I learned from Wen! (I wish I could find her course but, sadly, I think she removed it after Apple updated their iOS) That being said, I did practice a few of these.

  • Put a Great Foreground in Front of a Great Background Pay attention to the near and far. A landscape scene is dull without something in foreground to give depth and scale. Learn to avoid clutter and distracting elements.

Pickin's are good

  • Look to the light. Probably the most key lesson- be aware of light that works and what does not. Knowing about shadows, directions, aiming for directions where light is strong (or not). Good light makes every photo. Learn how to sense when light is good (and when not, and you can skip lousy shots).


This was during that “golden hour” right after sunrise. You can still see the hints of pink!


The Photoblitz was TONS of fun! I was on a hike with my family while I did it, and along with family time and seeing amazing views, it challenged me to take better pictures and to really think about what I was snapping.

I created a “best of” set on my Flickr. As an avid (more like completely addicted) Parks and Recreation fan, I named it “Lit’rally the BEST photos” after one of my favorites, Chris Traeger.


The visual assignments were magical. I did Apophenia. This one was required and had it not been I’m not sure I would have picked it from the bank. But, I did find three that I loved. (links are to my posts, not the assignment pages)

First, Color Changer (3 Stars). I took this shot while at Carter’s Mountain last weekend, and edited the hue to make it look really trippy.

Skies of Green

Second, Color Splash (3.5 Stars). I loved this little mural in downtown (it has since been covered with grey paint). I made it the focal point by bleaching the color from the rest of the picture.

IMG_6257 [263240]



Lastly, I did Old and New. I took the right picture of Monroe when I toured UMW a few years back. It certainly looked different in the left one!



This weeks daily creates were tons of fun! 


Overall, I learned some new things about (mobile) photography. I am always striving for that great shot, so this week really challenged me to turn my hobby into more of an art form. Not every tree is picture worthy, and not every picture needs editing. Capturing at strange angles, or focal point, can produce a gorgeous picture!



My comments for the week:

From my Radio Show group (separated by people): One Two; Three Four; Five Six; Seven Eight

From the rest of the class: One, Two, Three

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