Week 4, a summary;

I love Radiolab. I have said that before, but I truly do. That being said, I quite enjoyed this weeks “intro to audio” theme for our assignments! I had never put much thought into radio broadcasting, just so much as thing like “that’s a good story,” or “I like the music in the background.” I hadn’t thought about the motives producers had in using these specific clips and sound bites. I loved listening to all the podcasts. I especially loved listening to Ira Glass before listening to the podcasts as I decided to listen to one of the This American Life  shows to pair with two of the Radiolab broadcasts. My summary for Ira Glass, as well as Jad Abumrad can be found here.

As for our assignments, I had a great deal of fun with them! As a barista, and self-diagnosed coffee addict, the worst emergency would be to run out of coffee, as my Fake 911 caller has. I have played around with slowing music down for fun, so slowing Fuzzy Blue Lights by Owl City down was a fun and easy little project. My favorite would have to be the sound story. I had trouble layering my sound clips but I had the most trouble recording my own voice in time with the song! I put an ear bud in one ear and timed my speech to the music and that seemed to work okay. But I knew I wanted to do that song, that song has been in my head for a few months now and that memory is special to me.

All in all, I really liked this week. I have liked every week thus far. I am looking forward to next weeks assignments!


Daily Creates:

I really liked the daily creates I did this week. Probably because they were all visual and I am a very visual person.




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