Week 3, a review:

Week three. Almost a quarter way through this semester. Time is flying by!

To start, I revamped my blog and it looks amazing if I do say so myself.

The material for this week was pretty awesome. I had to really think about what storytelling meant to me. Then, I was able to really visualize the art of story telling through the Shape of Stories. I got some pretty stellar comments on that one, and Wreck It Ralph is in my top five favorite movies (along with Inside Out, Toy Story ONE, and Grease). The story is most like the first example Vonnegut describes, in that Ralph goes from “OK” to losing everything, to being the true “hero” in the end. I was also able to look into Ds106 Past and gather information on storytelling from former classmates, which helped me learn a lot about what I can truly do in this class. Storytelling, I’ve learned, is not simply a linear progression of events, it’s the details and the descriptions that make the difference. I can certainly use this in the future when I have kids and want to tell them about the past!

I think my favorite assignment this week was the five-frame-story. (I’ve linked the explanation) When I read the assignment, I knew right off the bat what I wanted to use. My boyfriend of 2.5 years and I went exploring in RVA a few months ago, and I took some super hipster-y pictures. “Lead Me” is just our adventure, but it can be either our adventure in RVA or our adventure in life. (awwwww…)

Lead Me


Daily Creates. I am having SO much fun with these. More than I thought I would!

First up was a reply to a picture of a dolphin meeting a rare crab…:

Next, a little positive vibe from one of my favorite movies!:

Then we had a backyard story, featuring my momma:

And last for this week, I realize that Chris Pratt is still perfect in 2065. :




As for comments, they were awkward at first but have gotten easier. I did five with the hashtag #talkingpolack2015. However, I feel I can improve in the coming weeks. I hope these comments will spark conversations!

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