Week 2;

Week 2 is coming to a close and I am starting to feel more at home in this little online space. The imformation posed this week was certainly thought provoking and, at a minimum, made me question my role in the online world. The article by Gardner Campbell (reflection found here) and the video by Mike Wesch (reflection found here) inspired me to obtain as much about becoming knowledge-able as I can.

I certainly enjoyed creating gifs as part of my weekly assignment. (truth be told, I have an entire folder of gifs on my laptop, not ashamed.) However, unlike my folder of downloads, getting to create one myself was a challenge. Say it like the peanut butter 2

First I had to find the clip on youtube. I started with an earlier scene but deemed it lesser than this. Then I had to peruse the “how to’s” on the Say It Like The Peanut Butter assignment page, where I stumbled upon Imgur. Imgur made it extremely easy for me to make this gif of the wonderful Chris Pratt having a dance off with Ronan.

The daily creates are proving to be more fun that I had originally thought. This week, I made a Spook Word Story, made a lovely piece of toast as The Doctor would want it, colored Lisa Frank’s Tiger, and welcomed DS Daily Creates to their new space with an image of an existing space of deliciousness (tweet featured below).

The only struggle I had this week was in the reflections and that is due to the cold medicine I am taking (summer colds are the worst). Other than that, I am really starting to enjoy this class and the work that we are doing.

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