Stylin’ pup;

The new iPhone has a fabulous camera! I snapped a picture of my old soul, Cami, the first night I had my new phone. She jumped up on my bed and just looked too cute, I just had to take a picture! Even though it’s a little blurry, she still looks adorable :)


So, for Dog It Out (3 Stars), I thought I would make my doggie look stylish! To do so, I used an online editor called FotoFlexer. I uploaded the picture and picked some cool stickers. I made sure the color was what I wanted, then dragged and resized the stickers to fit on Cami’s face.

Cami Weirdo

She’s ready for the day! (or the circus…)

This assignment was fairly straight forward. Using FotoFlexer, I was able to easily drag and drop stickers to edit the picture.

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