What does storytelling mean? When I think of the word, I think back to when my family and I would sit around the dinner table before my brother left for college. Mom would slave over the stove to fix a lovely and yummy meal (usually chicken with some sort of pasta) and we would all crowd around the counter waiting excitedly for it to be done. We’d sit at our kitchen table and each would talk about his or her day. Once past the daily life, we tended to dive into our parents past. They would tell us stories from their childhood, things that could be relevant to us.


the idea of storytelling is, to me, to get a message out. Sure, my parent’s stories could be funny, but they all had a “take home message” to them that was important.


When I think of adding the digital element, the idea is still relatively the same. Instead of picturing my family circled up at the dinner table, I picture reading my brothers’ blog about his college life. He is telling the world his own stories through pictures, text, videos, and sound bites.  Instead of having to form a mental image of his life at Shenandoah U, I can see bits and pieces the way he sees them.

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  1. I agree with your opinion on what storytelling means to you. I remember the days when my family would sit at a table and share stories with each other, now we all just sit in front of the TV and make comments here and there.#talkingpolack106

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