Pocket Mac, now available;

Isn’t an iPhone basically a pocket computer? It can do everything a computer can: type emails, browse facebook, make word documents…Why not fix up the web page to reflect this? (and change some of the jumble-y mess Apple puts in to describe it. Only basic necessities for descriptions here)

iphone original


To do this, I first needed firefox (chrome, all the way). After downloading it, and downloading X-Ray Goggles, I had to decide which page I wanted to edit.

I am an avid apple fan. I watch live-blogs of the keynotes, every. single. time. I am thrilled that VZW now offers a yearly-upgrade plan because it means a new iPhone every time there is a new one.

Why not mess with it a little, get creative?

I pulled up the Apple iPhone site and got to work. I changed words around, mostly, but made it fit the theme I was going for. The most prevalent text was iphone, obviously, so I changed all those to Pocket Mac first. Then, I went through and changed some supporting texts (i.e., “accessories” to “gadgets and gizmos”). I published it, then realized the little carrots (“>”) showed up as errors in my published page. I went back, tried to change it, and the app crashed. Tried again after redoing all the work and, again, it crashed. So, third time’s the charm and here we have it.

The Pocket Mac 6s. Now available.

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