My little brother is a freshman at Shenandoah University. Today, I had a day off, and we (being my mom, dad, boyfriend, and I) decided to go and see him. Upon arrival, Tyler took us to a trail a few miles down the road. I had been thinking of places to do this blitz and figured, why not in this beautiful place?

Turns out it was harder outside than I thought…especially with the things that don’t belong together, as everything on that trail pretty much went together. I took pictures of things I thought fit the descriptions and my family helped by pointing things out (and helping me not fall off a rock haha). Nevertheless, I completed the task and had a wonderful day visiting my brother. Enjoy!

(I commented on these one, two, three photos. I liked them because they were simple.)


4 thoughts on “Photoblitzing.

  1. I love all of the outdoor pictures you took for your blitz! The lighting is great on all of them! Your pictures always do a great job telling a story, even when we aren’t explicitly told to do so. I like how each image portrays your day with your family while at the same time conforming to the rules set in place for the blitz. Awesome job!

  2. These pictures are great! I also did my Photoblitz outside and found it to be somewhat difficult. But, there are so many options and photo opportunities available still. Like Ashlyn said, your lighting is great and your pictures tell a great story of your day. #talkingpolack106

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