Old to New, Before and After;

Inspired by the Return to the Scene of the Crime assignment, comes a related idea which asks you to digitally mix the past and the present. This was done exceptionally well by Shawn Clover in his series 1906 + 2010: The Earthquake Blend, “featuring photographs captured during the devastating 1906 San Francisco earthquake blended into views of what the city currently looks like.” Use a photograph from the past and digitally blend it with an image of the present. And for five thousand bazillion extra stars, blend the past and present photos with a digital concoction of the future.


A blend of Monroe! Now with fountain. (4 stars)

2 thoughts on “Old to New, Before and After;

  1. This is such a cool photo. I like seeing before and after photos, they give us such a reflection and curiosity about what it was like in that photo. I like how you said (now with fountain)!! Very cool post. Also, we are in the same Radio show group!! #talkingPolack106

  2. Great Photo! The old vs. new photo is a compare and contrast of the past vs. the present. These two photos together illustrate how much Monroe hall has changed over the years. How did you get the old photo of Monroe? Did you edit it like that or is that an original photo taken years ago? In only a couple of years, the new photo with the fountain will be the old photo! #talkingpolack106

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