My Darling;

My favorite song for the longest time now has been On The Wing by Owl City. So, naturally I chose it for my lyric typography poster (4 stars)!

To make this, I first downloaded Pixlr. (I prefer the desktop version to the web app)

I created a new image (I think the ratio I chose was 360×480). Then, I did a gradient background using a sky-blue. I played around with texts and got all my words in place. Finally, I used a cloud paintbrush to give it the cloud effect. And tada! For a first time poster-maker, I think this isn’t too shabby :)

The hardest part was honestly looking through fonts. I’ve played with Photoshop CS2 a lot so the controls in Pixlr were at least familiar to me. But, I chose the font for the majority of the text because it looks similar to Owl City’s own font.

On The Wing




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