Media for the final;

Here is a summary of the media I did for my final assignment. Most of these editors I have used many times and have described in prior assignments, so I will only give a brief overview of what I did for the media. Please see examples cited for a description of how to use the editor listed.


First, I created a gif using Giphy.  I used this video to get the moment I wanted to portray. I actually based if off the assignment Say It Like The Peanut Butter (3 stars, Visual) (Prior work example: I’m Distracting You)

I also used giphy for the last gif to close out the story. I used this video to get Chris imitating the banjo (because it’s hilarious). This gif is for the assignment titled Five Second Ending (4 stars, Animated GIF) (Prior work example: I’m Distracting You)

For the video, I used a combination of audio and video. I Color Splashed (3.5, Visual) a photo of Leslie Knope and added an audio track underneath from this video.  (obviously this is not an assignment from the bank, so I’m gonna give it a total of 5.5 stars, 3.5 for the color splash and 2 for the audio because, in addition to the color splash, I had to to download, convert, cut and save the audio and paste it into WMM) (Prior work example: Fizzlebottom’s, a splash of color)

The audio I did came from these two videos (one, two). I based my clip from this assignment called Ten Second Mashup (4 stars, Mashup). Unlike that assignment, however, I only used two songs. To create this, I copied clips from “The Pit” and pasted them in a new blank audio track where they seemed to fit into 5000 Candles In The Wind. (I’m pretty happy with how it sounds to be honest). (Prior work example: Fuzzy Blue Lights, Dragging)

Lastly, I did a promo poster using Pixlr loosely based on the Promotional Poster assignment (3,5 Stars, Design). I used a gradient on a new image (I think it was around 1100×1200 but I’m not sure) to give it the background color. I typed in various words, rearranged them, added in images as new layers and saved.  (Prior work example: DS106 Wallpaper)



Star total: 20

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