Lit’rally the BEST pictures;

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For my “best of the best” album, the first thing that came to my mind was how these were going to be my best photos, literally! I think I have achieved that, so far. Currently, I have six pictures. (And if you click the picture, it is a link and will take you right to my album!)

Lit'rally The Best Photos;

To start, a picture from Mercantile in Downtown Fredericksburg. Aside from the grainy quality, this is a pretty good picture of some really rad iced coffee. Second is a picture from Amy Poehler’s (I.e., the queen) book Yes Please. In the book, Poehler has “section headers” of sorts, separating her different stories. This one was one of my favorites. Third, as seen in my five-frame-story, my boyfriend leading me along a path in Richmond. Fourth is a glorious picture of a sunflower, my favorite flower. Fifth is my boyfriend and I about a year ago, when we had a former friend take professional pictures of us (something was funny, I can’t remember for the life of me what it was, but I still love him as much as I did then). Lastly, a photo from this past weekend. This semester has been rough, so my best friend took me apple picking at Carter’s Mountain.

Creating and embedding this was fairly easy. On my photostream page on Flicker, I went to the Album tab, clicked Create New Album, and followed Flicker’s instructions on uploading, naming, and posting. For embedding, I hit the little “share” arrow on the album page, clicked the Embed tab, and after switching to the text view on wordpress, I pasted the link. Easy as pie!

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  1. These are all really great pictures! I was hoping that I could just scroll through and look at them in this post without having to go to your flickr account, though. Is there any way you could embed the album so we can see everything here in one spot?

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