Let’s Build A Park;

Leslie Knope is a bold Pawnee citizen. Her dedication to the town is admirable and, sometimes, downright scary. A plan has come to her mind, and once she has a plan there is no stopping her until it is done. “A new park to bring unity to the community,” she exclaimed. The perfect idea!

But how to pay for it? Pawnee’s expert budget man, Ben Wyatt, will not budge an inch to allow for any fun.

fight fight fight


A pie-baking contest! She could have citizens bake pies on the lot and raise money! What could be a better way to get the community together and raise money? She posted this flyer all over town. Pawneeians are not known to read well so large pictures were necessary to get the point across. Simplicity is key in Pawnee!

Promo Poster

“I’ll ask Andy to be our musical guest. The citizens of Pawnee LOVE Mouse Rat!” And of course Andy was willing to help. What would a Pawnee event be without the famous Mouse Rat? Their best song will be the main event for baking!


The whole town showed up the day of the contest. There were tables on tables of pies being made. Sweetums brought in a portable oven for the citizens to use (or, try to use in most cases). At the end of it, Leslie raised just enough to kick off construction of the new park!

Time to celebrate; hit it, Chris!


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