It’s not always perfect cappuccinos;

My happy place would definitely be at Blackstone. When I’m not working, I’m here doing homework and catching up with friends. I love the atmosphere, I love the people, and I love the coffee.


In fact, I’m sitting in the backroom right now working on this assignment, waiting for 3pm when I clock in.

To say this place is always happy is misguided.

There are days that I am simply so exhausted that my happy place would be at home in bed; days where it is so difficult to engage in the basic of basic tasks. There are days when I have a ton of homework (senior year, y’all!) and I’d rather work on homework than talk to my friends whom I’d already scheduled coffee-dates with. Sometimes machines don’t work and get frustrated. Things break, things get made wrong, people show up too early or too late to coffee-dates; it can take a toll on my perception of this happy escape.

However, I wouldn’t trade this place for anything. I wouldn’t trade the stress of early meetings, machines breaking, or sleep deprivation for the world. This place is my happy place, where I get work done and catch up with friends. I find extraordinary comfort just sitting here, listening to the sounds and drinking my hot coco, working on school work.




From Blackstone, the stick man went to MoMA

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