I’m Leslie Knope;

Parks and Recreation is my favorite (FAVORITE) show. Leslie Knope is my spirit animal, I’m sure of it. So, naturally, I wanted to create a bumper sticker (4.5 Stars) with one of her famous sayings!

To do this, I used Pixlr’s web app. I created a rectangle (I think the ratio was 1200×600). I used the selection tool to select the bottom half. After, I used the paint bucket tool to color it blue. I repeated these steps for the pink half. I added words, picked a cool font, and sized them. I found a picture of Leslie Knope and added it as a finishing touch!

After all, girlfriends are the best friends. Ovaries before brovaries!

Leslie Knope

2 thoughts on “I’m Leslie Knope;

  1. Well done! Amy Poehler is one the funniest actors or actresses in the movie/theatre business right now. If anyone does not know, she plays the character of Leslie Knope. I have not seen this specific episode, but the others ones I have seen are funny. I definitely can picture her saying this in real life, in a real genuine friend to friend conversation or to anyone for that matter. Did you use Pixlr Editor or Express? Both are easy to use, your poster came out well. I like how you matched the pink to “uteruses” and blue to “duderuses”. Pink is traditionally a color to represent a girl and blue for boy. #talkingpolack106

    1. Amy Poheler is my favorite actress :) I used Pixlr editor. I have the desktop app, but the web app is easier to use (surprisingly)

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