Clocks (By Coldplay; A Split Screen Adventure)

Oh boy. Okay. This has been the worst one yet.


So I did the video part easy peasy. I set up in my room and just sang.(I decided I’d sing this song when I was driving home the other day and was singing the harmony haha).


Then I figured out Windows Movie Maker doesn’t do split screen.  I downloaded a trial version of iSkySoft and got all the clips at the right time and the videos at the right ratios. Then, I went to export. Turns out there was a watermark. I then scoured the internet for THREE HOURS looking for something, anything to do this without the watermark that was free (I’m a broke college kid y’all).

No avail. So, here’s my singing adventure, complete with a large and ugly watermark. Aside from the watermark, I think this turned out lovely.




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