Cactus In The Valley, A Story;

Here’s a short memory from last fall.



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To make this, I first downloaded Audacity. I converted Cactus In The Valley (Feat Adam Young) to a .WAV file using an online converter. Then, I wrote out my thoughts so I didn’t stumble my way through this. They flowed fairly smoothly, to my surprise. I put one ear bud in and recorded my words while listening to the spacing in the song. Sent the recording from my iphone to my laptop, loaded Audacity, and loaded up the audio tracks. I selected clips of the song that played over my voice and brought their levels down a bit using the amplify feature. (Side note, if someone can explain how to de-amplify without it sounding so choppy on the ends, I’d appreciate it!) Once I had it all sounding to my liking, I exported it.

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